Where words fail, music speaks
— Hans Christian Andersen
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Music Therapy

Using the innate qualities of music, a therapist can help their client to find an alternative to purely verbal communication. 

Music therapy is based on a relationship formed between a client and the therapist and uses the client’s feelings and thought processes and transforms them into musical expression. This can help regulate and alleviate some of the emotions which are too complex to express verbally either because of their ‘weight’ or because of a physical issue involving speech. 

Music Therapists are skilled musicians who have undergone professional music therapy training at post-graduate level. They are all registered with and monitored by the Health and Care Professionals Council, members of BAMT and are all supported with regular professional supervision.

Below is footage from a Music Therapy session with a past client, Joyce.

'Music provides a key for building up social interaction and communication ... through a medium that allows understandable and empathic forms of expression other than verbal language'. (Hanne Mette Ridder , Tony Wigram & Aase Marie Ottesen 2009)

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I currently work for Children's Hospice South West, The Methodist Homes Association at Langholme dementia care home in Falmouth and for Cornwall Music Service Trust with whom referrals can be made through their website. 

Here I am using Katy Perry's 'Roar' as a fun accessible way to engage vocally and personally with my client Adam.