Why walk?

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Walking Therapy offers an alternative to traditional talking psychotherapy and the constraints of an office. Sometimes the very thought of an enclosed office sat opposite a stranger can seem a daunting prospect for somebody struggling with their mental health. 

This form of therapy is suitable for a broad range of client groups including those suffering with depression, anxiety, low self esteem, stress, confusion and more. 

Walking Therapy offers the chance to get out into the peace and beauty of nature and walk alongside a trained therapist. When walking it is quite natural to walk with periods of silence even with a good friend and there is no need to maintain eye contact for prolonged periods of time, something that can be hard for people struggling with their emotions.

As well as spending time with a trained therapist, clients will be partaking in an hours gentle exercise in fresh air and daylight in stimulating, reflective, thought provoking, calming surroundings. 

Using nature as a stimulus we will use mindfulness techniques to focus on what is around you and how you may relate to that. As a qualified Music Therapist there is always the option to incorporate music into our walks too!

Walking therapy will not only look after your mental well-being but also your physical well-being. By regularly walking you will increase your fitness, build stamina, burn excess calories and strengthen your heart. The knock on effect is that by feeling physically healthier it is easier to feel mentally happier too. 

Where will we walk?


The beauty of Walking Therapy is that we can walk anywhere! I can meet clients at a mutually agreed area to walk, I can go to clients or they can come to me. As the Therapist I will research appropriate walks in any given area but ultimately the choice lies with the client.

What will you need?


You will need a good pair of shoes, preferably wellies or walking boots as some of the walks we do can be muddy, especially in autumn and winter. You may wish to bring a drink of water or some food. You may wish to bring a camera to capture some of the things you see to remind yourself of at a later time. You will be required to fill out a short medical form before your first walk to make sure there are no reasons you should not walk on any of the routes. If you are asthmatic you will need to bring your inhaler. 

Be prepared for rain! Part of the ethos is that we will try to walk whatever the weather!



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